School Parking Lot Safety

March 5th, 2014

The security of our children and everyone that visits your local school and playground is of great significance. Vehicles should drive carefully at all times, keeping an eye out for small children and pedestrians. Follow established rules for parking and drop-off/pick-up areas at the institution. If everybody complies with a few easy parking lot rules everyone will have the ability to come to and depart from school securely and in a quick fashion.

Drop-off and Pick-up Prior To And After School
Utilize designated areas to drop your kids off in the early morning prior to school. Bus drop-off areas will be clearly marked. The bus drop-off location ends at the orange web traffic cones. Parent drop-off locations will be found beyond the orange cones. If moms and dads like parking their cars throughout the morning drop-off or mid-day pick-up, it would be appreciated if you would certainly not turn your auto off and leave it in the drop-off area unattended.

Drop-off and Pick-up Throughout The School Day
If you need to drop-off or get your kid for a session, since of a late landing or very early departure, or considering that of health problem don’t hesitate to do this when necessary.

Site Visitors and Volunteer Parking
There are parking areas designated for site visitors or volunteers to park vehicles throughout the day .If you are volunteering your time and the volunteer parking areas are full kindly take any other parking room that could be readily available including our site visitor spaces! Regular volunteers for school events are encouraged to get parking permit stickers that go on your car to identify your vehicles as authorized to park in certain areas.

Parking At The Institution
Kindly adhere to the new indicators for parking in school parking lots. Due to the potential requirement of needing to obtain emergency access, cars should only be parked in properly marked parking lots. High school students with vehicles, faculty and administration personnel should have a custom hang tag to identify that the vehicle is authorized to park in the designated parking lot. Please note also that parking near major entryways is prohibited in most schools. Custom Parking Permits are usually required to park in lots for more than 15 minutes at a time.

School Bus Safety
Please do not walk in between the buses during their early morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up drop in our car park. There is a big area of “limited presence” surrounding every one of our buses and our bus vehicle drivers are not see any individual going through these locations.

Time Lapse High School Student Drop Off Parking Area